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electronic attachment

Montag, Oktober 5th, 2009

The complete electronic was attached to the PVC Cover.

Now I have to attach it to the Panel itself.

too be continued…

Opening the LCD

Montag, Oktober 5th, 2009

To get an authentik look I am using original Pinball Stuff for the PINbrawl like PinballLegs, Lockbar.

The first Problem was the wide of the Pinball. I want to use a WideBody Lockbar. To see if the LCD fits, we must open it to have look of the native Wide of the LCD.

Toshiba Backsite Open

Toshiba Backsite Open

You can See the PC of the LCD at the bottom of the picture and in the middle the powersupply

PVC Removing

PVC Removing

First I have to remove two little pcb’s (Status Leds, IR-Receiver) and the speakers.

After this I removed the complete PVC Cover. The native LCD wide is: 57,5cm.

A widebody Pinball is 62,5cm

I want to use 19mm MDF for the Cabinet so I am lucky it will work.

A new Pinball Star is born

Montag, Oktober 5th, 2009

Here you can find my newest Project. A Virtual Pinball Cabinet.

It will use 2 Screens one 42Zoll TrueHD LCD Panel for the playfield of the Pinball. And a second LCD for the Backboard.

First I tried the LCD together with a PC to see how it works.

We make the use of a frontend called HyperPin

Look here you can see the first try