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cleanup and restoration of a vintage Atari 4.5Zoll Trackball

Donnerstag, Oktober 2nd, 2014

I got replacement parts for my Monster Trackball a vintage original 4 Zoll (real 4.5 Zoll) Atari Trackball. It was used in Atari Football and Missile Command.

First I have to dissaemble it. cleaning was necassary with ethyl-alcohol and soap.

Atari4.5Zoll_Trackball (0)

I changed the handles, 5 bearings , and Opto PCBs too.

Now it is running like in 1978 :-)

Atari4.5Zoll_Trackball (8)

Now Its waiting to find its final place in my new arcade cabinet …

some Infos about the turning area of Retroarcade

Donnerstag, März 31st, 2011

Hi Folks,
here you can find some pictures of the rotating parts needed to make the retroarcade turnable.

he build in turning PCB is capable to turn the screen via one signal
on = turn to vertical
off = turn to horizontal

I handle it via a a conductor and a keyboardencoder. Here I am using the led for SCR to output the signal

This PCB makes the degauss

powered with 230V  (Europe) and with the help of  the two PTCs


Here you see the rotating mechanisem from backsite (not much)


Retroarcade complete adhesive

Donnerstag, Juli 8th, 2010

Today I finished my first Retroarcade with complete adhesive film.

Here you can see some pictures.

First the panels:


After this I tried the frontdoor

With the help of water and a scraper




I uses a lot of water to make it easier to position the film:


I am using a black “edding” for the edges of the t-molding. So you didn’t see any yellow wood if the t-molding is not 100% in the middle.


The laydown of the Cabinet… after some some smooth and polish… at the cabinet site


First try if the adhesive fits


with a lot of water between the adhesive and the cabinet and the help of two men

it works great



some time later


cutting the edges with a cutter knife:


Here you can see some pictures including bezel, marquee, t-molding.. and CP without RGB-Leds..






Balltop milky white with RGB-LED

Donnerstag, April 29th, 2010

today I received the balltop for my Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Stick.

Here you can see a milky white balltop 37,5mm diameter with 6mm insert for use in arcadesticks.
You will find a RGB-Led inside for make all colours you wish

On the left site you will see a standard red balltop.

In the middle the milky one, right the milky one with LED on:





Rare Quadro Magnum Project

Dienstag, April 13th, 2010

Hi Folks,

after polish the good old Jumbo Quadro Games Cabinet, I found a bigger one a rare cabinet called: Quadro Magnum.

There are different advantages over the Jumbo Cabinet:

a) I can use a digital Multisync CRT-Monitor like the Wells-Gardner 27 Zoll instead of the analog 25 Zoll Multisync CRTs

b) the controlpanel is really big, so I can make use of more toys :-)

c) its a sitdown

d) a negative point is the width is around 83cm and a lot of door are only 80 cm :-(

e) turns the screen like all Quadros via motor ;-)

It will take some time to finish this project, because its for me and I have a lot other work to do at the moment.

Here the first pictures:

magnum (1) (Large)

magnum (6) (Large)

magnum (11) (Large)

what have I done until now:

a) orderd new glasses for marquee an bezel

b) asked the panelmaker willi for a new CP

to do:

a) what is needed on this big controlpanel

1-2 trackball,

1-2 spiner, or crazy 4 spiner for games like warlords…

2-4 sticks?

analog stick?

a lot of buttons

Retroarcade lifting

Dienstag, April 13th, 2010

Thank to Alex from cologne, I got a Cinema4D Object of the Quadro Games Jumbo Arcade Cabinet. And it was time play with it,  to show whats possible to make.

Here you can see the old look:


Here some tests: