Amiga Mouse optical mouse to USB WIP Part#1

My goal is to have a good Amiga Mouse working on every surface and without needing of a mousepad.

The only solution is to make it optical.

After some research I found a mini optical Notebook USB Mouse and tried to rip of the original amiga mouse:

(The black box is a complete PC USB Mouse)

amiga_mouse_optical_usb (2) (Large)

I removed the optical stuff to make room for the optical mouse:

amiga_mouse_optical_usb (4) (Large)

Now its time to open the tiny PC mouse:

amiga_mouse_optical_usb (5)

pcb only :

amiga_mouse_optical_usb (6)

For testing I am using some tape to hold the lens in right position. The final version will hold via clue:

amiga_mouse_optical_usb (7)

The USB Cable Connector is to big. Instead I found some better solder points for direct connect of a cable:

amiga_mouse_optical_usb (9)

for fitting into original Amiga Mouse you need only to remove this pcb peace:

amiga_mouse_optical_usb (10) (Large)

here you see how it fits. brown and red wire are left and right button signal

amiga_mouse_optical_usb (11) (Large)

brown and red wire to the buttons and a ground wire and some screws to make it hold:

amiga_mouse_optical_usb (12) (Large)

I changed the USB cable to make it look more authentical

amiga_usb_mouse_part2 (3)

openend the original cable holder and placed it to the usb cable

amiga_usb_mouse_part2 (4)

some clue and pressure

amiga_usb_mouse_part2 (5)

and now it looks like a real amiga mouse with cable but its working on PC

amiga_usb_mouse_part2 (6)

amiga_usb_mouse_part2 (10)

and with the help of this little device from Pawel Burdzy

it is working on amiga too :-)


amiga_usb_mouse_part2 (1)

amiga_usb_mouse_part2 (7)


you can order it here

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