BIG Saucer Martian Mod for Attack from Mars

I have this mod in mind for years and some other realised it befor me. But I wanted to use the original Martians from the Pin.

I can kill Martians YES, YES, YES

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (6)

Flasher must work

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (8)

2 leds back inside


Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (7)

some cover



Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (1),

With the help of a new saucer anda new clear cover it was possible to show the new Martian more easier…

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (3)

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (2)

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (4)

Video says more as pictures…

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