PC Engine Duo R/RX RGB Mod with bypass PCE-TV

Nothing really new, only to see how to add THS Amplifier working in a Duo R / RX.

I used Pin 44 of HU C6260 C-Sync for Sync. So you have to cut the Video Signal to the Din Connector (yellow wire).

Black wire is optional, for „more“ GND



For the Din Pinout I used the old French Layout born in the 90ths. With RGB added to the 3 new Pins of the Din 8.1. The rest of Pins are untouched (exeption C-Sync)

3 resistors 22 Ohm are used for make PCE-TV work to output around 0,7V. The PCB is the 1st Revision of micro. Power is taken from a Elko nearby. (orange/black=GND, orange/red=5V)





Scart Pinout


Jailbars removement

After checking the picture there are jailbars :-(

After replacement of two  capacitor the picture is great.

replace C909 and C923 with 4,7uf down under Hu C6260




You final reward will be 1000 Points :-)

Wireless Rules

thanks micro


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