Atari 2600 gets internal UWRC wireless Receiver

I used a old revision (rev1) of micros neogeo Receiver and put it inside of the A2600 6 swich.

I was modified before with A2600RGB from tim worthington and I used some more switches like select, reset from the Atari and extra button from tim worthingstons 2600RGB PCB


Button A = normal FireButton 1 of Atari (Pin 6)

Button B = Firebutton 2 (Pin 9)

Select  =    Extra Button A2600RGB PCB

Start  = Start of Atari 2600

Button C= Select of Atari 2600

Button D = Palette switch A2600RGB PCB


All normal Controllers will work after mod too. Like paddle, racing, joystick.



(diodes, needed to make special functions from A2600RGB working, R=10k as pullup)




RX Led to show it though the power switch hole upperside red led down side gn led


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