Atari 800 RGB Mod via Sophia

Atari 800 was my first computer after Sinclair ZX81 and its time to make the picture better. After checking the A/V Out it contains Video and S-Video in a good qualitiy. So i decided to replace the original DIN Connector and replace it with a DIN 13 like used in Atari 7800 french and Atari ST. I used some not needed pins from the Din 13 to put in Video and S-Video too. So its possible to use RGB-Output via a standard french Atari 7800 RGB Cable and with a special Cable made I can use Video and S-Video too via the same connector.

To put the DIN 13 in the right position i need some plastic and drilled holes downunder to make the Din connectors accessable


a800_sophia (5)

a800_sophia (6)

replaced DIN 5 to DIN13

a800_sophia (4)

downunder chaos

a800_sophia (2)

because of no space at the CPU Board I needed to move the Sophia Board to another place. I uses some ribbon extension like this

a800_sophia (1)

and here we go. In front you see incognito board too :-)

a800_sophia (7)

after finishing up it looks like this

a800_sophia (3)

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