Sega Mega Drive 2 Switchless MOD

Inspired of the great site mmmonkey and sebs great code for the Sega Saturn, I will use the PIC 16F630 in a Sega Mega Drive 2 /Genesis 2.

You are in need of a PIC 16F630 with sebs code, some wire, two resistors 220Ohm and a DUAL Led red/Green.

If you can’t do it yourself, we can take care of your Mega Drive 2 / Genesis 2

At the Mainboard you have to cut 3 circuit board tracks.

Cut the fist circuit path from pin 46 and solder the pink wire at the right site of the cut.

Pin 46 at the SMD2 works for 50/60Hz switching. GND= 50Hz and 5V = 60Hz


Cut the second cirquit path to Pin 107 at the marked place and solder the purple wire on the upper Side.

Pin 107 selecting japanese Mode (GND) or english Mode (5V).

GND at Pin 78 will Reset the Sega Console.

So you have to cut the 3rd cirquit path to Pin 78, see marked place and solder a white wire to the left site of the cutted path.


Here you can see the complete wiring including PIC

Pin 01 Red (5V)

Pin 05 Resistor 220Ohm -> red site of the LED

Pin 05 Resistor 220Ohm -> green site of the LED

Pin 09 purple (jap./engl switching)

Pin 11 white (Reset Signal of the SMD)

Pin 12 pink (50/60Hz switching)

Pin 13 grey (Button Signal)

Pin 14 black (GND)


Now you have to remove LED1 and replace it with the Duo LED 5mm


After this you have to do some mechanics. Rasp the white pvc until the 5mm LED is fitting.



Have Fun

Usage of Sebs CODE:

You can change the Modes via pressing the reset Button of the SMD2.
If you press the reset button very short -> The Sega Console will do a reset

If you press the reset button around one second -> The console swaps between 50Hz and 60Hz.

If you hold the reset button for more than one second -> The console will toogle:

Led red Japan Mode (think of the red dot in the japanese flag)

Led orange USA Mode

Led green Europe Mode

Here you can see a little video, how to use the switchless mod.

Sorry for my english, its my first public english speaking ;-)

8 Responses to “Sega Mega Drive 2 Switchless MOD”

  1. Pete sagt:

    Brilliant, I really like it!

  2. Arto sagt:

    Great stuff, almost makes me want to replace the simple switch mod on my MD2 :)

  3. Steve sagt:

    This is awesome. Will this mod work with the U.S. version (Genesis)?

  4. jpx72 sagt:

    One of the best mods ever! Very nice and clever mod, this should be published somewhere among the most interesting mods done to oldschool console. Congratulations!

  5. Mark l sagt:

    Hi,the switchless mod is excellent,cant help thinkin it can be done by just havin the japanese and english settings,and switchin between 50/60 hz,and just cycle through 2 instead of the 3 settings by holdin reset button down,i.e. Keepin the original eng settin( 2 console)and adding a japanese language setting(using different colour led)and have the reset switch between 50/60 hz 2 get the u.s. Region while on the original eng settin,and using same to switch to 60hz for jap language settin. Does anyone know of a switchless mod for an asian console(mk1) have heard the mother boards
    Set up different to the u.k./european ones

  6. Wolfsoft sagt:

    you can switch between 3 modes
    pal (50Hz, engl. settings)
    usa (60Hz engl. settings)
    jap. (60Hz jap. settings

  7. HTTP://Home.Loqal.No/~Kennelp/Arntgj2/Arntgj2.Php sagt:


    Sega Mega Drive 2 Switchless MOD « Wolfsoft PINbrawl Project…

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