Repair of a dead NEC Multisync 2950G

We got some NEC Multisync Monitors. One of the greates Multisync Monitor for ArcadeGaming via PC and Mame to play the oldshool games in their native Resolutions.

But after some hours of playing, one of the Monitors didn’t power up anymore :-(.

I got the service manual you can download it here: XM2950G Service Manual.

And have to open the Monitor:

On The right site you see 2 big screws. One more you will find on the Top Side near  the Screen


remove the red marked screws


remove the plastic on the backsite and the plastic case

On the left site you will find the power supply.


After some checking I found one of the 230V Relais was broken.

A quickrepair was to shortcut the contact.

After this the Monitors works again.


Have fun

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  1. MoJo sagt:

    I fixed mine when I found one of the inter-PCB connectors had come loose in transit.

    I also added a fan controller to make the unit quieter. First I replaced the standard fans with quieter ones and then used an ATtiny26 to control their speed. At first it didn’t work because the monitor checks the fan RPM line to make sure they are running and it is not compatible with PWM. It also does not like quiet fans, I think because they do not produce a strong enough signal.

    Anyway, I used the quietest of the original fans with a resistor to slow it down a bit. I then connected it’s RPM line to the RPM pins on the other two fan connectors. Now the ATtiny26 can control the speed of two of the fans with PWM and the monitor is happy :)

    I attached some thermometer probes to various components to make sure they were being cooled properly in both normal and TATE mode. They stay pretty cool. Being a broadcast monitor the XM29+ is designed for use in a hot studio with lots of other monitors and very little airflow so in my house it does not need as much cooling.

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