Sega Master System II switchless Mod

Today I modded a Sega Master System II.

You can change between 50/60Hz via the „Pause“ Button.

The normal function of the pause is still working if you press it a very short time.

For working with sebs switchless mod, I done some modification on the code.

Here you can download the code:  switchless MasterSystem Code

a) make use of common anode RGB-LEDs for brighter Leds

b) reduce the code to two modes 50 and 60Hz.

Here you can see the solder site of the SMS2 Unit. You have to cut the Pause Button Signal:


for making 50 and 60 Hz switching work you have to cut Pin 57 of

Sega IC 315-5246 (64 Pins):


Here you can see the wiring of the PIC16F630


For Displaying the LED I put it under the Pause Button.

From the top its not so bright but it works:


english video

german Video

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