Backglass working part 1

Hi since November I didn’t have time to finish my first pinball project.

But this week I will do more work, because we will present our Virtual Pinball at the Museumstag 2010 in Neuwied @ the Flippermuseum
Its open from 14:00 to 22:00 o clock on Saturday 15.05.2010

Come visit us there and have fun with playing our virtual pinball and around 100 Original Pinballs!

So here are some new Pictures form the backglass work:

My first try via MDF look at the holder in the middle for the 30Zoll LCD for the Backglass picture


I changed to black mdf. Here you can see a router line for the glassfront.
It will inserted from the top downwards


Some edges needet to painted in black


Here you can see the DMD LCD (a 19Zoll) from the backsite:


First impression of the look with speakerpanel (a original wpc95 one)


to be continued

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