Forcefeedback with Optocopples for PinballCabs

As I described before. I am using a „big“ Solonoids (Relais) for forcefeedback of the flipperfingers.

First I used one of the solonoid contact to trigger the Keyboardencoder.

The problem of this big relais is, that its a short delay between flipper button pressing and sending the signal to the encoder.

So I used a little optocoppler to sent the signal faster to the keyencoder.

The signal is wired parallel and there is no more delay



Here you can see the kit we offering. It includes long wires to place the solonoids nearby the flipperbuttons and you can reach the keyencoder too.


You can order it here

Here you can find a shematic how to connect it to your flipperbuttons and solonoids

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