Ringmaster Blue Eye Led Mod for Cirqus Voltaire

Today I got a replacement for the ringmaster. So its a good time to make the ringmaster look more realistic. So as I a great friend of LEDs I set up two 5mm blue leds behind the eyes.


I can take care of the modification for you in two ways.

a) You can sent me your ringmaster and I will add the two Leds for you
b) You can order a complete new ringmaster including this modifcation


Here you see some pictures how I done this mod.

First I removed some of the PCV holding the eye to get a closer look.


After some modifing a standard 5mm blue LED


Some shrinking tube to get the light only where it belongs


First testing with one led insite


both eyes light up


In the darkness


Now its time to remove the original ringmaster and have a deeper look to the Flasher.
I have to remove some part of the shrinking tube to solder the wires for the blue leds


I put some connector between, to make it easy to assemble/de assemble


I uses 330 Ohm for each blue 5mm LED and wired it this way

red wire from the Pinball is plus

blue wire is GND


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