Speed controlled Shaker via PWM for Visual Pinball

Hi everybody,

we currently using our shaker in the cabs digital only.

But we have a ledwiz as a outputdriver and its capable to do PWM to make eg. Leds „dimming“.

So I tried a Dual-H-Bridge, to make it possible to change the RPM of the shaker.
(Now there is no need of a coupler Relais for this anymore)
It works in digital way as the coupler Relais but if you output PWM to the channel, we can drive the RPM of the shaker and make the effect more or less intense.


As we use most output of the ledwiz with 12 V and the signal output is inverted at the screwconnectors I must get the PWM Signal of the Ledwiz directly.


I am using Output 12 of the Ledwiz for the shaker. So I have to make a wire to the 2nd ULN Pin 4 (it will be the Signal Input for the PWM Driver.

Here is a shematic how to connect all together




The Leddrive is using dezimal values from 0 to 48 to make a output from o% to 100% power.

As we have a shaker it needed a minimum of 20 to startup and rotate.

If we want to make low sensitive effects it is needed to startup up the pwm with around 20 for a short time and after this we can reduce it to the final value like eg. 7.

Hope silver can add this feature in the code.

There will be needed two parameters to enable the shaker:

a) a timer how long the shaker rotates

b) the intensive from 0 to 48 for the output of the shaker

c) if the values <20 we need to startup with 20 for a short time and the to right lower value.
I don’t know if its necessary, because do we feel shaking less than 20?

Here you find a video:

Video showing different power Levels:

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