Sega Genesis 3 Pinout for 50/60Hz and Language

I found some pictures from the year 2000, where I modded a Genesis 3 VideoGame.

Here you can see the pictures of the Genesis 3


After opening


here you can see the Sega IC 315-6123


here you can see the “default” US jumper settings


After removing the jumpers:


Technical Infos:

Pin 197: (USA/JAPAN)

If you shortcut R22 = 5V to Pin 197 -> Europe-/US-Mode
If you shortcut R24 = GND to Pin 197 -> Japan-Mode

Pin 200: (50/60Hz)

If you shortcut R25 = GND to Pin 200 -> 50Hz
If you shortcut R22 = 5V to Pin 200 -> 60Hz

Have FUN!

I will do a switchless MOD, if I get the next Genesis 3 for Modding

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