Rare Quadro Magnum Project

Hi Folks,

after polish the good old Jumbo Quadro Games Cabinet, I found a bigger one a rare cabinet called: Quadro Magnum.

There are different advantages over the Jumbo Cabinet:

a) I can use a digital Multisync CRT-Monitor like the Wells-Gardner 27 Zoll instead of the analog 25 Zoll Multisync CRTs

b) the controlpanel is really big, so I can make use of more toys :-)

c) its a sitdown

d) a negative point is the width is around 83cm and a lot of door are only 80 cm :-(

e) turns the screen like all Quadros via motor ;-)

It will take some time to finish this project, because its for me and I have a lot other work to do at the moment.

Here the first pictures:

magnum (1) (Large)

magnum (6) (Large)

magnum (11) (Large)

what have I done until now:

a) orderd new glasses for marquee an bezel

b) asked the panelmaker willi for a new CP

to do:

a) what is needed on this big controlpanel

1-2 trackball,

1-2 spiner, or crazy 4 spiner for games like warlords…

2-4 sticks?

analog stick?

a lot of buttons

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