goDMD Clock Videogames Animation

Last wekk I got a great gadget called goDMD Clock. The main usage of it is to show the time, date, temp and Pinball Animations from the DMD.

This new version is build with 2 RGB-Led Array in a total resolution of 128×32 Pixel.


You can order it here (If you have trouble with the shop mail me at info@wolfsoft.de)

Here you can see what I am talking about

After contact with the developer, he added  image rgb support to the editor :-)


Here you will find a package including one demofile. gridlee You only have to change variable base to your path were the package extracted

To do some animations for goDMD you have to use mame. I am using groovymame, because it can be set to output native pixel resolution of the games. So you will get a pixelperfect output for the goDMD.

start mame via commandline: groovymame -mngwrite griddle.mng griddle and do some gaming. After exit you will find a griddle.mng.

To split the griddle.mng into pictures I used a programm  advmng

start it in the path where the griddle.mng via commandline: advmng.exe -x griddle.mng

After this you will get a lot of pictures like: gridlee-00000022.png (Resolution: 245×240)


With the help of irfanview (a pictureviewer) you can create a custom selection (under edit) with Width: 128 and Height: 32.



After Pressing the Button: Save and apply to image you will see a window on top of the left png.


Move it with the help of arrowkeys to the area of interest

In Top Line you see (Selection: 0,0) this marks the X,Y Position. You have to enter these values in

Under File: Batch conversion (set to PNG Output Format) and press Advanced Button: Here you can set the X-pos, Y-pos Position


Mark the amount of png you want to crop and add them



Start Batch


now you have a lot of cutted pictures in the right resolution


now put a animaions.properties in this folder


After this try to import it in the pin2dmd editor under animations: Load Animations


Here you can download new Fonts for the goDMD Clock ArcadeFonts_go_DMD


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