240p activation on 3DO Consoles with VP536

3DO Consoles outputing 240i Signal but with adding a switch you can set it to 240p

It only works on 3DO consoles with the VDP536 Chip

Pin 52 progressive output (high 5V)

Pin 52 interlace output (low GND)


(red is 5V and yellow/purple leads to Pin 52)


I removed the RF-Unit and put the switch at the same position of the chanel switching



For usage power up in interlace mod (switch off) and after power on the console

switch on to activate the 240p Mode.

If you turn the console on with 240p activated (switch on) you only get a black picture.

Same when you change a disc and you close the console with 240p activated (switch on)


the case need some cleaning

Some pics



progressive is sharper and more stable and not shaking anymore :-)))


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