Medieval Madness DIARY

After getting this great mashine. I Think its time to make a diary about the mods, repairs I done to it.

here some pictures after receiving in August 2010

a) It works but  the DMD is right down darker

mm (57)

b) The Eprom Version is 1.0 on ipdb I found a 1.09.
d) The Drawbridge is not 100% up. Its a little bit open in the up state.

mm (39)

d) The Decal

is not the best some scratches where painted with a edding..

mm (14)

mm (20)

Whats this?

mm (22)

e) The playflield

can this black parts removed

mm (49)

Was macht man hier:

mm (44)

Some Infos about the Power Driver PCB Assembly

F108 ->Led 105 -> +50V solonoids

F107 (4A)-> Led 104 -> +20 V Flash Lamp Power

F106 (5A)-> Led 102 +18V DC  -> +12V DC -> Led 100

F105 (4A)  -> Led 101 +5V DC

F109 (4A)  -> Led 103 +12V unreg.

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