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BIG Saucer Martian Mod for Attack from Mars

Donnerstag, Oktober 8th, 2015

I have this mod in mind for years and some other realised it befor me. But I wanted to use the original Martians from the Pin.

I can kill Martians YES, YES, YES

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (6)

Flasher must work

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (8)

2 leds back inside


Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (7)

some cover



Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (1),

With the help of a new saucer anda new clear cover it was possible to show the new Martian more easier…

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (3)

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (2)

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (4)

Video says more as pictures…

Martian LED Eyes Mod for Attack from Mars

Donnerstag, Oktober 8th, 2015

Nothing new.

A lot of people done this before.  I used 2mm red leds fitts perfectly for the size of the martians.

Some headache…

AFM_Martian_Led_eyes (1)

AFM_Martian_Led_eyes (3)

group therapy

AFM_Martian_Led_eyes (4)

AFM_Martian_Led_eyes (2)

AFM_Martian_Led_eyes (7)

and ready to go..

REAL SPIDER mod for Monster Bash Pinball

Dienstag, Dezember 17th, 2013

Hi here you can see my real Spider mod for MB Pinball.
I used some plastic spiders and put them to a plastic. Under the spider I put a green 5 mm Led to make it more effectfull.

You will get three spiders

Here you can see some pictures






You can order it at

Treasure Chest LED Mod for Tales of the Arabian Night #Part 2

Sonntag, Mai 6th, 2012

After a long time I had some time to some more work at the Treasure Chest Mod for Totan.

I used some transparent crystals on the surface of the treasure and 3 auto RGB-Leds inside.




You can order it at

a video:

Skeleton Mod for Tales Of The Arabian Nights

Donnerstag, Mai 3rd, 2012

A friend of mine Andé Azzi was thinking about the skeleton will fit in the bed of nails area in ToTAN. So I tried it with some led enhancements…

It fits perfectly into the nails and I connected the eyes to a flasher downunder and the chest to the flasher under aladdins lamp…

Here you can find some fotos







You can order it at

a video:

WOLFMAN with LED Eyes MOD for Monster Bash

Donnerstag, Februar 16th, 2012

I put a wolfman with led eyes on the left site. The Leds are connected to the backboard flasher behind the wolfman picture:

Look here:
wolfman (1)

wolfman (3)

wolfman_flasher_backboard_100cm (Small)

wolfman (6)

wolfman (7)


Monsterbash real Spiders Mod

Donnerstag, Februar 16th, 2012

After putting the big spiders on the slingshots. I tried some smaller spiders like this one.

In the final Version the spiders will come on complete new plastics. The painted spides will be removed on the new plastics, because the the real ones will sit on the plastic like at the following pictures:

spider (1)

In the back one too:

spider (2)

Here you can see a magnify:

spider (3)

with light up effect in green:

spider (4)


Monster Bash Spider Slingshot MOD WIP

Mittwoch, Oktober 26th, 2011

Here are some WIP ideas for a slingshot spider mod

Here you can see two different spiders and looking insite the pinball or outside the pinball





Scary Ghost for Scared Stiff or Monsterbash

Montag, März 28th, 2011

I found a ghost and have done a led mod.
This time I tried to hide the leds because a ghost don’t have eyes.
So I have to paint the insite of the eyes black (it looks more scary) and put the LEDs far insite the eyes.
Look here how it appears
I am not sure in which Pin it could fit. I am thinking about Scared Stiff.


First I have to open it


painted the eyes insite black




Here is a try to put it in a MB
But I am not sure if the led eyes flashing is bright for replacing the original flasher effect…

ghost_try (Small)

Rotating UFO meets Attack from Mars

Freitag, März 25th, 2011

Thanks to Axel of  it was possible to test my motors in an real AfM.

Here you see the first pics and video

The Motor includes two functions:

a) replacement for the original flasher

b) two wires for connecting the motor to a insert lamp.

The Motor:

You can see the four Leds for the flasher function. Plug’n Play and the flasher is working


the two wires are connected here to the upper Lights, so you can easy see which is on