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Ringmaster Blue Eye Led Mod for Cirqus Voltaire

Dienstag, November 30th, 2010

Today I got a replacement for the ringmaster. So its a good time to make the ringmaster look more realistic. So as I a great friend of LEDs I set up two 5mm blue leds behind the eyes.


I can take care of the modification for you in two ways.

a) You can sent me your ringmaster and I will add the two Leds for you
b) You can order a complete new ringmaster including this modifcation


Here you see some pictures how I done this mod.

First I removed some of the PCV holding the eye to get a closer look.


After some modifing a standard 5mm blue LED


Some shrinking tube to get the light only where it belongs


First testing with one led insite


both eyes light up


In the darkness


Now its time to remove the original ringmaster and have a deeper look to the Flasher.
I have to remove some part of the shrinking tube to solder the wires for the blue leds


I put some connector between, to make it easy to assemble/de assemble


I uses 330 Ohm for each blue 5mm LED and wired it this way

red wire from the Pinball is plus

blue wire is GND


Archer LED Mod for MM

Samstag, November 20th, 2010

The next step after making the replacement of the Archer in MM was to replace the the arrowhead of the archer.
Some cutting, some drilling and wires


making a 5mm LED look like a arrowhead ;-)


color it red (at the next I will try some silver color…)


a hole for the wires through the plastics


place the archer to the right position


the right one


with light up red


both together


I done some little modifications on the archer.

The first version of the arrowhead was red, now I used some silver paint.

Look here:



Here you can find a installation Manual

Medieval Madness Archer Mod standard

Freitag, November 19th, 2010

After making the magic Merlin Mod, I have more ideas in my mind to realise with my beauty mm.

So here is the standard Archer Mod for it.

For the new archer is a new plastic needed cutted with a laser…


The plastic need a little modification for the arrowhead but no problem

Here you can see the blank plastic


left the original one, right the empty plastic


here you see both new archer on the plastics


left one zoomed


right one zoomed



Royal Rumble for PinMame

Montag, November 1st, 2010

After month of using my virtual pinball cabinet with „only“ two Solonids for the flipperfinger and getting a real MM Pinball in August, I realised we are in need of more „ForceFeedback“ for our virtualpinball Cabinets.

After talking with chriz99 about this we posted in differnet forums and found Manofwar (the programmer) with Ext2k as betatester. They will release it when it will come out of the betastate…

I presented the new rumble feature last Saturday here in germany at the and it was great.

So here are some infos about the upgrade I done.

I/O Port Device

To get Solonoids to work we choose the ledwiz32 from
It can drive 32 Outputs and have the ability to make RGB-Colors with PWM dimmable.


It can drive up to 4 different Voltages for each of 8 Outputs. And the max is 50V per Output @500mA.

As the planed highpower Leds and solonids pulls a lot of current, I done some extra wires for the positive site like this. I don’t know if its needed but I want to be sure nothing goes wrong…


The Goal

To see what we want to upgrade look here (Thanks to chriz99 for the picture):


Royal Rumble with seven Solonids

In my first step I added 5 more Solonoids. So we have a total of 7 Solonoids

  • two in front for the flipperfingers
  • two for the slingshots
  • two in the back for effects like bumpers
  • one in den center for eg. bumpers too

I have four with 24V from Gloeckner Moeller and three Siemens like chriz99/Ext2k.

Here you can see where I place the 7 solonids (marked red)


Separate Power Supply

I used a power supply from a german electronic store with 12V and 5V like this


Make sure to use separate fuses for the powersupply, so nothing can’t go wrong!


Colored Flipperbuttons

We planed to use for the main flipperbuttons in transparent with RGB-Leds, so we can make it lite up in every color. It is planed to make them light up in the original color of the selected Pinball Table. So we have the same color of the Button as in the original Pinball Cabinet.

I am using a 5mm RGB-Led for this. The problem was if I put it to the site of the transparent button the color was not bright enough. So I tried to put the Led into the flipperbutton.

The original hole must be 5mm and I done it like this:







Replay Knocker

I added a replay knocker, but at the current time its not connected, because it takes a lot of current and an higher voltage (50V). So it will be connected later.. with the help of a separate relais that can handle this.



Missing at the moment. But it will rock the system later…

Flasher Effects

For „Flasher Effects“ I am using High Power RGB-Leds with 3W.


I done it for a first try this easy way



The Gameplay and feeling

after adding all thes hardware it was time to test it.
For the first try I used the STNG Table and uses the config from Ext2k/Manofwar.
I added the slingshots via the Solonoid Documentation of the original STNG Pinball.
And the Autoplunger to the 2nd right Solonoid. As you know the table shots 4 Balls at startup into the table.

And I added the Bumper to Solonoids.

And added the flasher to the slingshots for a fast test.
So it lights up, when the ball hits a slingshot.

I haven’t so much fun for years with this rumble upgrade!

Thanks to Manofwar! and the betatesters… Virtual Pinball is coming more real as you can imagine.