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DIN 8 and Power from Super SD System 3

Montag, Juli 2nd, 2018

As I have open the Super SD System 3 for the Audiofix. I change the Mini Din A/V Connector to my common 8 Pin DIN connector, because I have a lot of consolse fitted with this same connector.


I am not a friend of cables from different sides of a console. So i put both RGB and Power supply in the back and have a nice looking PC-Engine Combo


Pinout RGB



The Powersupply +9V at the red wires GND at the black wires


I used a big diode to avoid wrong input voltage



Super SD System 3 Audio Fix

Montag, Juli 2nd, 2018

you can hear a lot of digital noise, when accession SD Card. This fix solve it and we have silence :-)
With the help of a single 10uF 10V Elko its done. Minus at the yellow Cap, Plus to the via