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SNES SNOW WHITE or „apple white“

Donnerstag, Januar 20th, 2011

I do some work for a customer. He wanted a switchless mod and asked me if I can do a paintjob.

As it was very cold in Dezember, I decided to give it away to a car painting company.

It took time but it was good to wait.

Look here for the professional look of a SNES in „apple white“

snes_snowwhite (5)

snes_snowwhite (4)

snes_snowwhite (6)

compare with a wii

snes_snowwhite (11)

snes_snowwhite (9)

snes_snowwhite (10)

snes_snowwhite (8)

Speed controlled Shaker via PWM for Visual Pinball

Donnerstag, Januar 20th, 2011

Hi everybody,

we currently using our shaker in the cabs digital only.

But we have a ledwiz as a outputdriver and its capable to do PWM to make eg. Leds „dimming“.

So I tried a Dual-H-Bridge, to make it possible to change the RPM of the shaker.
(Now there is no need of a coupler Relais for this anymore)
It works in digital way as the coupler Relais but if you output PWM to the channel, we can drive the RPM of the shaker and make the effect more or less intense.


As we use most output of the ledwiz with 12 V and the signal output is inverted at the screwconnectors I must get the PWM Signal of the Ledwiz directly.


I am using Output 12 of the Ledwiz for the shaker. So I have to make a wire to the 2nd ULN Pin 4 (it will be the Signal Input for the PWM Driver.

Here is a shematic how to connect all together




The Leddrive is using dezimal values from 0 to 48 to make a output from o% to 100% power.

As we have a shaker it needed a minimum of 20 to startup and rotate.

If we want to make low sensitive effects it is needed to startup up the pwm with around 20 for a short time and after this we can reduce it to the final value like eg. 7.

Hope silver can add this feature in the code.

There will be needed two parameters to enable the shaker:

a) a timer how long the shaker rotates

b) the intensive from 0 to 48 for the output of the shaker

c) if the values <20 we need to startup with 20 for a short time and the to right lower value.
I don’t know if its necessary, because do we feel shaking less than 20?

Here you find a video:

Video showing different power Levels:

handmade R2D2 USB Stick

Dienstag, Januar 18th, 2011

some times ago I orderd a LEGO R2D2 keychain and found a little usb-stick fits into the r2d2.

Its a Lacie moskeyto USB-Flash Drive 8GB.

First I done some dremel work at the r2d2 and removed to original cover of the usb-stick.

Some hot glue and ready to go.

d2d2 (1)

d2d2 (2)

d2d2 (5)

d2d2 (6)

d2d2 (7)

d2d2 (8)

Left Ramp Troll LED Mod for Medieval Madness

Dienstag, Januar 11th, 2011

I found a nice Troll, fits into the MM Theme and put it on the left ramp.
With the help of some plastic it can connected to the left ramp.
The eyes where replaced with yellow/orange 3mm Leds for the Eye glow mod.

If you want a Troll including this eye led mod you can order it here:

or sent me an email to and I will take care of you order. Please sent me your complete adress for checking the shipping costs.

I done the two holes first with a 1,5mm drill, then with a 2,5mm.
After this I drill a hole from the back to the eyes the holes are like a Y.

Look here:

First Led


This helps me to get the two flex wires though the hole:


both Eyes replaced by leds


first glow


dark glow


pics on the playfield will follow…

Preview without LED MOD


today I got the lasered plastics look here

I connected the feed with two screws and I don’t have trouble with airballs




Here you can see it in action:





Intstallation Manual

Here you find a video:

„Simba“ LED Mod for Cirqus Voltaire Pinball

Dienstag, Januar 11th, 2011

I found Panther called simba for placing it in a Cirqus Voltaire Pinball. As there is one displayed on the playfield it fits to the main theme.

If you want a Simba including this eye led mod you can order it here:

or sent me an email to and I will take care of you order. Please sent me your complete adress for checking the shipping costs.
Here you can see how I add the green LEDs to the eyes.
I used a 2,5mm Drill and 3mm LEDs in green for the eye replacement. The installation is done solderless with the „croco“ connectors to the 28 bear playfield flasher with two 680 Ohm Resistors.

Drill 2,5 extra long into the

to get the cables out of the panther use a drill from downsite 8-9mm in diameter:

two green leds 3mm:


eyes pushed into the eye holes


connector to get the cables though the playfield without soldering


(the resistors are 680Ohm, because I saw too late it will not be connected not to a insert lamp. It will be connected to a flash-lamp)

first light up


dangerous in the dark…


with „croco“ connector to get it work at the flasher lamp


Here you can see it @ work:





I vectorized the outline of the plastics needed for connect simba to the playfield
Here is the new plastic with holes for the simba


connecting simba with two 2,5mm screws


the third leg is sitting on the plastic with the flash




Installation Manual


Archer Led Mod #2 for Medieval Madness Pinball

Montag, Januar 10th, 2011

After looking into the web for new figures out of the Knightworld, I found some Archer can be placed under the glass of my medieval Madness and make the same LED Mod at the arrowhead as weeks ago.

Some cutting, some drilling and wires

making a 5mm LED look like a arrowhead ;-)


replaced the arrowhead


drilling for a hole through the plastics, wires, glue.


connectors for solderfree connecting



look here for pictures at the right place…

right one, without light








both together


I got the plastics to connect the archers



Click here for Installation Manual


Video #2: