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the!cart and the right case

Montag, März 12th, 2018

finaly I got the!cart and it needed the right home.

With the help of a cutter knife, dremel and hotglue it fits into a classic Atari 800 Cartridge.

the!cart (1)

the!cart (2)

the!cart (3)

the!cart (4)

the!cart (5)

the!cart (6)

7mm height

the!cart (7)

the!cart (8)

the!cart (9)

the!cart (10)



the!cart (11)







Label in Atari 400/800 Style

THE!CART – Font: Salzburg-Bold
COMPUTER GAMES – Font: Salzburg-Regular
USE WITH CONSOLE… – Font: Salzburg-Bold
CXL4042 – Font: HammerFat




Atari sio2sd in a Atari 1064 case

Montag, Januar 22nd, 2018

I bought a cheap sio2sd and put it into a Atari 1064case.

Inspired from

Some dremel, hotglue and time…





Atari 800 and Flash Cartridges

Mittwoch, Januar 3rd, 2018

when using The!Cart or MyIDE II with atari you need to do a mod of some signals


Only Cut one circuit and add a wire and you are done

atari 800 solder side fix

One Power Supply to rule them all

Dienstag, November 21st, 2017

For testing old Computers you will need a lot of different power supplys with AC and DC Voltage.

I put them together and we got one to rule them all ;-)
Meanwell RT-65B and a 9V AC Power Supply

9V /2100mA
5V / 5,0A
12V / 2,8A
-12V /0,5A

So it works @:

  • Atari 8 Bit Computer like 600XL, 800XL, 1200XL, 800XE, 64XE, 130XE
  • Atari 8 Bit Computer like Atari 400, 800, Atari 810, Atari 1050
  • Commodore C64, C16, C64C
  • Commodore Amiga 500,500Plus, 600,1200
  • Commodore CD32, Commodore 1541 II
  • Neo Geo 5V Unit

power_one_to_rule_them_all (8)

power_one_to_rule_them_all (7)

power_one_to_rule_them_all (5)

power_one_to_rule_them_all (1)

power_one_to_rule_them_all (2)

power_one_to_rule_them_all (4)

Atari 600XL RAM Ugrade to 64MB

Donnerstag, August 10th, 2017

Its time to bring up this little beauty to the level of a Atari 800XL.

An easy mod, because all parts in a Atari 600XL are socket and you  only need to change 2 RAM Chips and do some wiring

Works with Pal and here shown NTSC Version

Remove U11 and U12 (was: TMS 4416-15NL 4bitx16k)

Replace with : MCM41464 AP10 (4bitx64k)
or : NEC D41464C-10 (4bitx64k)
OR : HMS50464P (4bitx64k)
or : any 4464 equialent (4bitx64k)

Wire Lifted DownSide R36 to Lifted U16 Pin 08

Wire Lifted U5 Pin 03 to U9 Pin 21 Dia Nearby

Wire Lifted U6 Pin 10 to U9 Pin 22 Dia nearby





Atari 800 RGB Mod via Sophia

Donnerstag, Juli 13th, 2017

Atari 800 was my first computer after Sinclair ZX81 and its time to make the picture better. After checking the A/V Out it contains Video and S-Video in a good qualitiy. So i decided to replace the original DIN Connector and replace it with a DIN 13 like used in Atari 7800 french and Atari ST. I used some not needed pins from the Din 13 to put in Video and S-Video too. So its possible to use RGB-Output via a standard french Atari 7800 RGB Cable and with a special Cable made I can use Video and S-Video too via the same connector.

To put the DIN 13 in the right position i need some plastic and drilled holes downunder to make the Din connectors accessable


a800_sophia (5)

a800_sophia (6)

replaced DIN 5 to DIN13

a800_sophia (4)

downunder chaos

a800_sophia (2)

because of no space at the CPU Board I needed to move the Sophia Board to another place. I uses some ribbon extension like this

a800_sophia (1)

and here we go. In front you see incognito board too :-)

a800_sophia (7)

after finishing up it looks like this

a800_sophia (3)

Atari Jaguar „switchless“ + Reset Addon + Multibios

Donnerstag, März 16th, 2017


I got a white „dental“ case and its time to make the jaguar ready for 2017 ;-)

The title is something strange, but its comming from a Sega Saturn Mod years ago (the code is based on this). The Saturn reset button is used for change region and 50/60Hz.


You will need:

I removed the RF-Unit to put my „standard“ DIN Connector and for adding a button instead of the chanel selector. With the help of this tiny button you can select between 50/60Hz.






(U25 Pin 11 sets the Console between 50 Hz (GND) and 60Hz (5V)
I used a US 60Hz Jaguar for modding, so you have only to solder this wire to Pin 11

Attention If you use the PAL console you have to look downunder and remove a Resistor R140!



(The Reset Line you will find U9 Pin 13  (GND = reset)


I removed the original LED and put instead a RGB-Led.

I set red for 60Hz and green for 50Hz.

If you find blue better, no problemo. But red/gn are the real colors of the Jaguar used in their countrys.



Its like the switchless Mod for the Sega Saturn.

a) When you push the button for a moment. The Jaguar will do a reset

b) you push and hold the button. Now the Color of the LED will toogle between green and red. When you release the button

at red -> Jaguar Resets and starts with 60Hz
at green -> Jaguar Resets and starts with 50Hz



(bigger hole for Din RGB-Connector)





(Reset button)










(my standard Din Pinout, based on modified 5 Pin Din PC-Engine + 3 more for RGB)


Its time to add a 2nd Bios to the Jaguar.

You have to remove the original Jaguar Bios and use a DIP 32 socket.

With the help of a 29f040 FlashRom I added jagbios and BJL1.06

You need to concat the bios files:
Use: windows command: copy /B jagbios.bin + jagbios.bin + jagbios.bin + BJL106.bin 4in1bios.bin

and burn 4in1bios.bin to the 29F040 FlashRom












Update 23.6.2017

I put a switch beneath the Power Switch to make it like a „real switchless“ mod.

So the Power switch can pressed a litte to:

  • change 50/60
  • Reset
  • switch between original Bios and BJL


Press it more deep to Power Off and Power ON like normal

I used a little switch with a ball at the end and put it inside like this:




with button pressed a „little“



Youtube Video

(Sorry about wrong JBL speaking its BJL Loader ;-)

Atari 2600 gets internal UWRC wireless Receiver

Samstag, Juli 30th, 2016

I used a old revision (rev1) of micros neogeo Receiver and put it inside of the A2600 6 swich.

I was modified before with A2600RGB from tim worthington and I used some more switches like select, reset from the Atari and extra button from tim worthingstons 2600RGB PCB


Button A = normal FireButton 1 of Atari (Pin 6)

Button B = Firebutton 2 (Pin 9)

Select  =    Extra Button A2600RGB PCB

Start  = Start of Atari 2600

Button C= Select of Atari 2600

Button D = Palette switch A2600RGB PCB


All normal Controllers will work after mod too. Like paddle, racing, joystick.



(diodes, needed to make special functions from A2600RGB working, R=10k as pullup)




RX Led to show it though the power switch hole upperside red led down side gn led


UWRC vs remote control yesterday

Montag, Juli 25th, 2016

here you can see the grandpa of remote control ;-)

a little comparsion between yesterdays remote and state of the art :-)))

uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (7)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (6)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (5)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (4)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (3)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (2)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (1)

UWRC Competition Pro Mini

Donnerstag, Juli 21st, 2016

I bought some Competition Pro Mini and most of them have brocken microswitches :-(

I found some replacements here:

It was very tricky to add the Universal TX PCB in this tiny stick but after all it looks great :-)
After removing original parts I add a Led and two more micro switches for Select and Start.

The chrome switch to swap between Layout Select/Start and Button X, Button Y

I must move the electronic of the LiPo to put it between the two fire Buttons

IMG_8039 IMG_8038

uwrc_tx_1 mini_1 IMG_8537 IMG_8541 (Large) IMG_8550 IMG_8547 IMG_8559 (Large) IMG_8566

IMG_8534 IMG_8544