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Amiga 600/1200 PAL/NTSC Switch

Dienstag, April 26th, 2016

Recently I got a A1200 NTSC Board. It is running @60Hz. You can set the speed of the Amiga by hitting both mouse buttons at Power Up. But I want to make it permanent to 50Hz because I am living in germany and some games need 50Hz.

I done some 50/60Hz switches for the Amiga CD32 Unit and it is similar.

You have to find R203 downunder and use a a switch.  didn’t want to make a hole into the case of the Amiga. Therefore I am using the switch of the RF-Unit. I set it permantly to Channel 2 (but I didn’t think I will never use the RF-Output).

Here are some pics

a1200_pal_ntsc_switch_R203 (Large)

a1200_switch_rf_2 (Large)

you have to cut two circuits running to the switch. And it is free for 50/60Hz usage.