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Color of Atari 400 and 800

Freitag, November 24th, 2023

a friend of mine Steve Boswell suggested PLA+ eSUN 3D Bone white (Knochenweiss)


Color of Atari XE and ST Computers RAL 9006

Freitag, November 24th, 2023

I checked it with a RAL Color Reader  and for not yellowed Computer RAL9006 weißalluminium seems to be the best choice.
First try:
is looking good



Color for Atari XL Printing Project RAL 1013 perlweiß

Freitag, November 24th, 2023

For 3D Printing I needed the color of the original cases of the XE and ST Series. So I bought a color checking device RAL RAL Color Reader  and a RAL Farbkarte.
I checked several Atari XL Computer in different state of yellowing.

The best looking NOS Atari on the left side has the following colors.
RAL 1013 Perlweiß is best fitting for good looking Atari XL Computer not yellowed


For more yellowed units


RAL 1014 Elfenbein fitts for yellowed units like the right one.

First try RAL 1013

Universal Cartridge Stand for 8 peaces

Donnerstag, Februar 27th, 2020

I found this nice looking 8Bit Cartridgestand @thingiverse

It can hold 8 peaces and I stretched it to fit for all kind of needed Console Cartridges I am using for testing when modding the consoles…





Dreamcast battery replacement with socket

Mittwoch, Mai 22nd, 2019

Easy going remove the old soldered Battery and replace it with a socket and one ML2032 Battery


dcbat (2)





some charging (only put the dreamcast on) and you are ready to go


Speedy TDS Atari 1050 Mod

Dienstag, Juni 26th, 2018

Hi there,

I put a Speedy TDS into a Atari 1050 Diskdrive inspired from Wolfram Fischers Version

speedyTDS_1050 (17) speedyTDS_1050 (18) speedyTDS_1050 (10) speedyTDS_1050 (11) speedyTDS_1050 (13) speedyTDS_1050 (15) speedyTDS_1050 (14)

PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 recap

Dienstag, Juni 26th, 2018

I got these rare item and it needs a recap…

PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (11) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (10) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (9) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (8) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (7) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (6) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (4) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (5) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (2) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (3) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (1) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (12)

recap of Gameboy Classic DMG 01

Dienstag, Juni 26th, 2018

Its time to do a recap of the good old classic DMG 01

two pcbs with some elkos. I repaced all elkos to keramic caps.

2x 100u/ 6,3V

2x 100u /10V

1x 33u / 25V

2x 10u / 16V


display/gamepad pcb

2x 100u /16V

5x 1u / 50V

1x 10u / 25V




here we go


240p activation on 3DO Consoles with VP536

Freitag, März 31st, 2017

3DO Consoles outputing 240i Signal but with adding a switch you can set it to 240p

It only works on 3DO consoles with the VDP536 Chip

Pin 52 progressive output (high 5V)

Pin 52 interlace output (low GND)


(red is 5V and yellow/purple leads to Pin 52)


I removed the RF-Unit and put the switch at the same position of the chanel switching



For usage power up in interlace mod (switch off) and after power on the console

switch on to activate the 240p Mode.

If you turn the console on with 240p activated (switch on) you only get a black picture.

Same when you change a disc and you close the console with 240p activated (switch on)


the case need some cleaning

Some pics



progressive is sharper and more stable and not shaking anymore :-)))


goDMD Clock Videogames Animation

Dienstag, März 21st, 2017

Last wekk I got a great gadget called goDMD Clock. The main usage of it is to show the time, date, temp and Pinball Animations from the DMD.

This new version is build with 2 RGB-Led Array in a total resolution of 128×32 Pixel.


You can order it here (If you have trouble with the shop mail me at

Here you can see what I am talking about

After contact with the developer, he added  image rgb support to the editor :-)

Here you will find a package including one demofile. gridlee You only have to change variable base to your path were the package extracted

To do some animations for goDMD you have to use mame. I am using groovymame, because it can be set to output native pixel resolution of the games. So you will get a pixelperfect output for the goDMD.

start mame via commandline: groovymame -mngwrite griddle.mng griddle and do some gaming. After exit you will find a griddle.mng.

To split the griddle.mng into pictures I used a programm  advmng

start it in the path where the griddle.mng via commandline: advmng.exe -x griddle.mng

After this you will get a lot of pictures like: gridlee-00000022.png (Resolution: 245×240)


With the help of irfanview (a pictureviewer) you can create a custom selection (under edit) with Width: 128 and Height: 32.



After Pressing the Button: Save and apply to image you will see a window on top of the left png.


Move it with the help of arrowkeys to the area of interest

In Top Line you see (Selection: 0,0) this marks the X,Y Position. You have to enter these values in

Under File: Batch conversion (set to PNG Output Format) and press Advanced Button: Here you can set the X-pos, Y-pos Position


Mark the amount of png you want to crop and add them



Start Batch


now you have a lot of cutted pictures in the right resolution


now put a in this folder


After this try to import it in the pin2dmd editor under animations: Load Animations


Here you can download new Fonts for the goDMD Clock ArcadeFonts_go_DMD