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UWRC NES PCB into a new NES Mini Controller

Dienstag, Dezember 12th, 2017

Today I tried to upgrade a new NES Mini Controller with the UWRC PCB from micro.

And it works great

uwrc_nes_mini_Controller (2)

left old uwrc Controller NES, right new NES Mini Controller

uwrc_nes_mini_Controller (3)

you need to remove this here and make the led hole bigger and as usual the opening for the usb connector for loading


Donnerstag, Dezember 7th, 2017

Today I revived a the holy grail of PC Engine Hardware a PC Engine LT.

PCE_LT_ (3)

Only 5 screws and remove 3 ribbons you will get the main PC Engine Board

PCE_LT_ (11)

Because of its age the Caps are brocken and need a replacement.

After some exchange in the power area it works again :-)


PCE_LT_ (10)


look how bad it looks because of leaking caps





PCE_LT_ (8)


how ugly it looks. Some alkohol for cleaning



PCE_LT_ (6)



PCE_LT_ (5)


exchanging of most caps to kerkos



PCE_LT_ (4)


after recap

LT jailbarfix


jailbarfix too with replacement of 2 kerkos into: 4,7uF 16V or 25V