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Sega Master System 1 switchless mod

Montag, Oktober 25th, 2010

Today I have to make a switchless mod for the good old Mastersystem in its original form.

No problem for me, after changing sebs code for Mastersystems few months ago.

After opening you have to go under the mainboard and cut 3 wires of the mainboard


The parts site is holding the pic as usual

I am using the same code I done for the mastersytem2


You have to remove the original 5mm LED and replace it with a RGB-Led with common plus like this one.


The resistors of the LED: 220Ohm. You can use higher ones, if the light is to bright.


You can change the Modes via pressing the reset Button of the Mastersystem
If you press the reset button very short -> The Sega Console will do a reset

If you press the reset button longer the Led toggles between red and green.

If you let the button go at red the Mastersystem is set to 60Hz

If you let the button go at green the Mastersystem is set to 50Hz


Making of Merlin Deluxe Mod

Donnerstag, Oktober 21st, 2010

I wasn’t happy with the Merlin standard Mod and I have some ideas in my mind.


So the deluxe Edition was born…

If you want some you can buy it at

Or look here for the attack from the merlins – a funny – link

Installation Manual

The deluxe  have to more features:

a) blue Color replaced by yellow. So it fitts better to the medieval Theme.

b) a flasher effect of the ball in red

Step a):

I done some modifications on the Merlin Mod.  As blue is not my favorite color, I decided to make yellow for the Merlins Magic Insert instead of blue.  This color fitts better to the MM theme.

Therefore I need more Leds. I found some SMD-RGB Leds and put them on the 5mm LED as you see in the following pictures.


So I have to add 8 wires to the „combo LED“.

Step 2:

I wanted to integrate a flasher effect. So I added a 3rd SMD-Led for this, because of the different Voltage Supplys in the pinball. The Led is connceted parallel to the right down flasher.

And all 8 wires must go through the little arm of the Merlin:


Its very small and you need a lot of soldering experience…

In the last state I was in search for the needed molex connectors and found them.

So its possible to make these Mod complete solderless. You have only to connect the Merlin in beetween Magic Hole Insert and the flasher right down.


Here you can see howto add the wires to the playfield:

connect the „combo“ to the Insert PCB



add the flasher molex here


Some picture of the final merlin




The Attack from the Merlins

Montag, Oktober 18th, 2010

As there is a livetime  competition between Attack from Mars and Medieval Madness, we found finaly the winner:

The Attack from the Merlins!