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Raspi in a Stick

Sonntag, August 20th, 2017

raspberry modding is everywhere. So we put a raspberry in a NeoGeo Oldstyle Arcade Stick for presentation at GamesCom 2017, so the younger games can get in touch with the neo-geo Games and not only with the look. With the right feeling a original NeoGeo Controller

The position makes it possible to use the onboard USB Ports and  network connector.

First some dremel work to make it fit into the neogeo arcadestick case



then a hdmi slim extension and a usb cable


As the NeoGeo X Controller is a standard USB Controller it was possible to connect the usb part directly to one usb connector of the pi


in the future it could be possible to make the buttons directly to GPIO Ports

So it looks great



Atari 600XL RAM Ugrade to 64MB

Donnerstag, August 10th, 2017

Its time to bring up this little beauty to the level of a Atari 800XL.

An easy mod, because all parts in a Atari 600XL are socket and you  only need to change 2 RAM Chips and do some wiring

Works with Pal and here shown NTSC Version

Remove U11 and U12 (was: TMS 4416-15NL 4bitx16k)

Replace with : MCM41464 AP10 (4bitx64k)
or : NEC D41464C-10 (4bitx64k)
OR : HMS50464P (4bitx64k)
or : any 4464 equialent (4bitx64k)

Wire Lifted DownSide R36 to Lifted U16 Pin 08

Wire Lifted U5 Pin 03 to U9 Pin 21 Dia Nearby

Wire Lifted U6 Pin 10 to U9 Pin 22 Dia nearby