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The Perfect Tapto Mister fpga Console

Samstag, Mai 18th, 2024

Hi Folks,

thanks to an inspiration of BedroomNinja talking about a more PC-Engine like Tapto Reader 3D Printing Design – my idea was born to make the ultimative Perfect Tapto Mister Unit.


I used a broken original PC-Engine and put a DE10 Nano including a RGB-Analog Board into it.
After some triming and some 3D printed peaces it fits into a PC-Engine.
In between of the I/O board and the DE10 Nano I put a Fan for cooling.
I ripped of some parts of the Analog I/O Board used parts from the original PC Engine PCB  for power Button and the PC-Engine Controller Port (waiting for a snac adapter).
I used a Mini Din 8pin SMD2 Pin Compatible Port for analog RGB-Output.

Put a 4 Port OTG USB Hub inside. a tapto Reader and voila.
Here we have it: One to rule and play them all ;-)

For reference and thanks for the great tapto Project!

tapto project by wizzo

bedroomNinja twitter

It is a quick and „dirty“ hack. But from the outside it looks great and is fitting for my application.
Here are some pics from inside for inspiration…