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Atari 2600 gets internal UWRC wireless Receiver

Samstag, Juli 30th, 2016

I used a old revision (rev1) of micros neogeo Receiver and put it inside of the A2600 6 swich.

I was modified before with A2600RGB from tim worthington and I used some more switches like select, reset from the Atari and extra button from tim worthingstons 2600RGB PCB


Button A = normal FireButton 1 of Atari (Pin 6)

Button B = Firebutton 2 (Pin 9)

Select  =    Extra Button A2600RGB PCB

Start  = Start of Atari 2600

Button C= Select of Atari 2600

Button D = Palette switch A2600RGB PCB


All normal Controllers will work after mod too. Like paddle, racing, joystick.



(diodes, needed to make special functions from A2600RGB working, R=10k as pullup)




RX Led to show it though the power switch hole upperside red led down side gn led


UWRC PC Engine Shuttle Controller

Samstag, Juli 30th, 2016

A futuristic styled Controller for the PC-Engine Shuttle. Now its time to make it wireless.

thanks to the PCB of micro and some reposition of the led usb powersupply it works great.

I put it at the hole of the original wire and with some hotglue it works









PC Engine Duo R/RX RGB Mod with bypass PCE-TV

Mittwoch, Juli 27th, 2016

Nothing really new, only to see how to add THS Amplifier working in a Duo R / RX.

I used Pin 44 of HU C6260 C-Sync for Sync. So you have to cut the Video Signal to the Din Connector (yellow wire).

Black wire is optional, for „more“ GND



For the Din Pinout I used the old French Layout born in the 90ths. With RGB added to the 3 new Pins of the Din 8.1. The rest of Pins are untouched (exeption C-Sync)

3 resistors 22 Ohm are used for make PCE-TV work to output around 0,7V. The PCB is the 1st Revision of micro. Power is taken from a Elko nearby. (orange/black=GND, orange/red=5V)





Scart Pinout


Jailbars removement

After checking the picture there are jailbars :-(

After replacement of two  capacitor the picture is great.

replace C909 and C923 with 4,7uf down under Hu C6260




You final reward will be 1000 Points :-)

Wireless Rules

thanks micro


UWRC vs remote control yesterday

Montag, Juli 25th, 2016

here you can see the grandpa of remote control ;-)

a little comparsion between yesterdays remote and state of the art :-)))

uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (7)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (6)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (5)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (4)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (3)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (2)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (1)

UWRC wire Colors

Donnerstag, Juli 21st, 2016


9 GND GND     19 GND GND  
8 B Button 2     18 R2 Button 10  
7 A Button 1     17 R1 Button 9  
6 ST Start     16 L2 Button 8  
5 SL Select     15 L1 Button 7  
4 RT Right     14 Z Button 6  
3 LT Left     13 Y Button 5  
2 DN Down     12 X Button 4  
1 UP Up     11 C Button 3  
0 GND GND     10 GND GND  
3 blue  GND  
2 green  5V  
1 yellow   Led



Marked R used for different current while loading LiPo



400mAh Lipo (Standard) ->100mA  R=10k

250mAh Lipo  ->050mA  R=20k

3000mAh Lipo ->200mA  R=5k


Voltage Regulator used: 2,3V Maximum Voltage: 5,5V


UWRC PC-Engine Cordless Controller

Donnerstag, Juli 21st, 2016

I done some ironical way of UWRC ;-)
Here i am using 3 of the 4 Batteries for powersupply of the UWRC, because of the max. voltage of 5,5V of the UWRC Board.

IMG_8597 IMG_8599 IMG_8602 IMG_8604 IMG_8610 IMG_8609 IMG_8608 IMG_8607

UWRC NES japanese Famicom Controller

Donnerstag, Juli 21st, 2016

For make it fit into a japanese Famicom Pad you have to cut the PCB at the edges and re add the cutted circuit board.

IMG_8077 IMG_8085 IMG_8098 IMG_8094 IMG_8087 IMG_8091 IMG_8104 IMG_8101


UWRC NeoGeo Board

Donnerstag, Juli 21st, 2016

I sacrifice my NeoGeo Board to make it wireless with uwrc. thanks to micro again.

Here I used my Led modded NeoGeo Controller and put all together. Because of the Leds and more need of current. I used a bigger LiPo. The future will tell how long it works.

Case Modding for the USB connector and LED

IMG_8012 IMG_8017 IMG_8018 IMG_8023 IMG_8027


IMG_8022 IMG_8020

LiPo Part (you have to change the current load part of UWRC PCB to make it work with a bigger LiPo)

IMG_8058 IMG_8061

Some Pics

IMG_8115 IMG_8111 IMG_8126 IMG_8023

IMG_8031 IMG_8123

UWRC Competition Pro

Donnerstag, Juli 21st, 2016

I used a Competition Pro USB (bad USB lag) and changed it into a UWRC Controller.

It uses Button, A,B,Select,Start (on the triangle Buttons). With the small black switch you can select the triangle Buttons between Select,Start and Button X,Y.

IMG_7989 IMG_7991 IMG_7996 IMG_8035 IMG_8032


UWRC Competition Pro Mini

Donnerstag, Juli 21st, 2016

I bought some Competition Pro Mini and most of them have brocken microswitches :-(

I found some replacements here:

It was very tricky to add the Universal TX PCB in this tiny stick but after all it looks great :-)
After removing original parts I add a Led and two more micro switches for Select and Start.

The chrome switch to swap between Layout Select/Start and Button X, Button Y

I must move the electronic of the LiPo to put it between the two fire Buttons

IMG_8039 IMG_8038

uwrc_tx_1 mini_1 IMG_8537 IMG_8541 (Large) IMG_8550 IMG_8547 IMG_8559 (Large) IMG_8566

IMG_8534 IMG_8544