PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 recap

Juni 26th, 2018

I got these rare item and it needs a recap…

PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (11) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (10) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (9) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (8) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (7) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (6) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (4) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (5) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (2) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (3) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (1) PC Engine DUO Monitor PI-LM1 (12)

recap of Gameboy Classic DMG 01

Juni 26th, 2018

Its time to do a recap of the good old classic DMG 01

two pcbs with some elkos. I repaced all elkos to keramic caps.

2x 100u/ 6,3V

2x 100u /10V

1x 33u / 25V

2x 10u / 16V


display/gamepad pcb

2x 100u /16V

5x 1u / 50V

1x 10u / 25V




here we go


the!cart and the right case

März 12th, 2018

finaly I got the!cart and it needed the right home.

With the help of a cutter knife, dremel and hotglue it fits into a classic Atari 800 Cartridge.

the!cart (1)

the!cart (2)

the!cart (3)

the!cart (4)

the!cart (5)

the!cart (6)

7mm height

the!cart (7)

the!cart (8)

the!cart (9)

the!cart (10)



the!cart (11)







Label in Atari 400/800 Style

THE!CART – Font: Salzburg-Bold
COMPUTER GAMES – Font: Salzburg-Regular
USE WITH CONSOLE… – Font: Salzburg-Bold
CXL4042 – Font: HammerFat




Vectrex Recap Chart

März 7th, 2018

Here you can find a colorized Recap Chart for the Vectrex

It is based on console5


PSOne recap

Februar 8th, 2018

I got a really new boxed PSOne and it didn’t work. It wasn’t play any disc :-(

So i decided to do a complete recap of the smd caps.


I used a lot of ceramic caps and for the 220u new SMD caps


And how wonderful, after recap it plays all CDs :-)

Here is a recap map I put the values of the replacement voltage often higher as the original values


Atari sio2sd in a Atari 1064 case

Januar 22nd, 2018

I bought a cheap sio2sd and put it into a Atari 1064case.

Inspired from http://atariage.com/forums/topic/175988-new-case-for-my-sio2sd/

Some dremel, hotglue and time…





Sega Nomad recap

Januar 15th, 2018

Caps of the Sega Nomad needed to be exchanged. We used ceramics instead

look here before




and after



Atari 800 and Flash Cartridges

Januar 3rd, 2018

when using The!Cart or MyIDE II with atari you need to do a mod of some signals

Reference: https://www.wudsn.com/index.php/productions-atari800/tools/thecart/atari-800-fix

Only Cut one circuit and add a wire and you are done

atari 800 solder side fix

UWRC NES PCB into a new NES Mini Controller

Dezember 12th, 2017

Today I tried to upgrade a new NES Mini Controller with the UWRC PCB from micro.

And it works great

uwrc_nes_mini_Controller (2)

left old uwrc Controller NES, right new NES Mini Controller

uwrc_nes_mini_Controller (3)

you need to remove this here and make the led hole bigger and as usual the opening for the usb connector for loading


Dezember 7th, 2017

Today I revived a the holy grail of PC Engine Hardware a PC Engine LT.

PCE_LT_ (3)

Only 5 screws and remove 3 ribbons you will get the main PC Engine Board

PCE_LT_ (11)

Because of its age the Caps are brocken and need a replacement.

After some exchange in the power area it works again :-)


PCE_LT_ (10)


look how bad it looks because of leaking caps





PCE_LT_ (8)


how ugly it looks. Some alkohol for cleaning



PCE_LT_ (6)



PCE_LT_ (5)


exchanging of most caps to kerkos



PCE_LT_ (4)


after recap

LT jailbarfix


jailbarfix too with replacement of 2 kerkos into: 4,7uF 16V or 25V