UWRC NES japanese Famicom Controller

Juli 21st, 2016

For make it fit into a japanese Famicom Pad you have to cut the PCB at the edges and re add the cutted circuit board.

IMG_8077 IMG_8085 IMG_8098 IMG_8094 IMG_8087 IMG_8091 IMG_8104 IMG_8101


UWRC NeoGeo Board

Juli 21st, 2016

I sacrifice my NeoGeo Board to make it wireless with uwrc. thanks to micro again.

Here I used my Led modded NeoGeo Controller and put all together. Because of the Leds and more need of current. I used a bigger LiPo. The future will tell how long it works.


Case Modding for the USB connector and LED

IMG_8012 IMG_8017 IMG_8018 IMG_8023 IMG_8027


IMG_8022 IMG_8020

LiPo Part (you have to change the current load part of UWRC PCB to make it work with a bigger LiPo)

IMG_8058 IMG_8061

Some Pics

IMG_8115 IMG_8111 IMG_8126 IMG_8023

IMG_8031 IMG_8123

UWRC Competition Pro

Juli 21st, 2016

I used a Competition Pro USB (bad USB lag) and changed it into a UWRC Controller.

It uses Button, A,B,Select,Start (on the triangle Buttons). With the small black switch you can select the triangle Buttons between Select,Start and Button X,Y.

IMG_7989 IMG_7991 IMG_7996 IMG_8035 IMG_8032


UWRC Competition Pro Mini

Juli 21st, 2016

I bought some Competition Pro Mini and most of them have brocken microswitches :-(

I found some replacements here:


It was very tricky to add the Universal TX PCB in this tiny stick but after all it looks great :-)
After removing original parts I add a Led and two more micro switches for Select and Start.

The chrome switch to swap between Layout Select/Start and Button X, Button Y

I must move the electronic of the LiPo to put it between the two fire Buttons

IMG_8039 IMG_8038

uwrc_tx_1 mini_1 IMG_8537 IMG_8541 (Large) IMG_8550 IMG_8547 IMG_8559 (Large) IMG_8566

IMG_8534 IMG_8544

UWRC Rules

Juli 21st, 2016

I done some UWRC Controller in the past.

Look here for my current Collection. It rules, because its great to have wireless original Controller in you hands and its crosscompatible. You can play eg. with the NeoGeo Controller @ NeoGeo Console, or @ Sega Mega Drive, or @ Super Nintendo, or @ Sega Saturn.

Other way is possible too. You can play with a Sega Saturn Controller @ NeoGeo Console, or @ Sega Mega Drive, or @ Super Nintendo, or @ Sega Saturn.

And you are free with controller and console

uwrc_collection (Large)

UWRC PC-Engine Receiver

Juli 21st, 2016

I used a extension Cable for Mini Din 8 to make the UWRC-RX PC-Engine Reveiver.

Here you can see some pics.

PC-Engine_Reveiver (1) PC-Engine_Reveiver (2) PC-Engine_Reveiver (3) PC-Engine_Reveiver (4) PC-Engine_Reveiver (5) PC-Engine_Reveiver (6) PC-Engine_Reveiver (7) PC-Engine_Reveiver (9) PC-Engine_Reveiver (8) PC-Engine_Reveiver (10) PC-Engine_Reveiver (11) PC-Engine_Reveiver (12)

Next step is to use a black box for the Duo Receiver

Amiga 600/1200 PAL/NTSC Switch

April 26th, 2016

Recently I got a A1200 NTSC Board. It is running @60Hz. You can set the speed of the Amiga by hitting both mouse buttons at Power Up. But I want to make it permanent to 50Hz because I am living in germany and some games need 50Hz.

I done some 50/60Hz switches for the Amiga CD32 Unit and it is similar.

You have to find R203 downunder and use a a switch.  didn’t want to make a hole into the case of the Amiga. Therefore I am using the switch of the RF-Unit. I set it permantly to Channel 2 (but I didn’t think I will never use the RF-Output).

Here are some pics

a1200_pal_ntsc_switch_R203 (Large)

a1200_switch_rf_2 (Large)

you have to cut two circuits running to the switch. And it is free for 50/60Hz usage.




November 6th, 2015

This week I got a new toy called UWRC for NES. Thanks micro :-)
I have to put the PCB into the NES and with the help of a dremel and a cutter knife it fitts perfectly, like every UWRC PCB from micro.


Now its time to put the receiver inside my Famicom A/V

You have to gut a circuit at Pin 4 from the Controllerport and wire it like on the picture.

Now it works with UWRC Controller and Real Controller too.


As I have a RGB Mod from Tim Worthington inside and the helper PCB from borti you have to wire the helper pcb “behind” the cutted wire



But we need some Input and Led Display too.

Here I wanted to make it incognito like possible and put the LEDs through the cooling openings.

NES_UWRC_1_ (8)

NES_UWRC_1_ (7)

The only “bad” part was the reset button.
But you didn’t see it at normal viewpoint to the Famicom

NES_UWRC_1_ (3)

NES_UWRC_1_ (4)

NES_UWRC_1_ (5)

NES_UWRC_1_ (11)

NES_UWRC_1_ (9)

NES_UWRC_1_ (10)

BIG Saucer Martian Mod for Attack from Mars

Oktober 8th, 2015

I have this mod in mind for years and some other realised it befor me. But I wanted to use the original Martians from the Pin.

I can kill Martians YES, YES, YES

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (6)

Flasher must work

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (8)

2 leds back inside


Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (7)

some cover



Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (1),

With the help of a new saucer anda new clear cover it was possible to show the new Martian more easier…

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (3)

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (2)

Big_Ufo_Martian_Mod (4)

Video says more as pictures…

Martian LED Eyes Mod for Attack from Mars

Oktober 8th, 2015

Nothing new.

A lot of people done this before.  I used 2mm red leds fitts perfectly for the size of the martians.

Some headache…

AFM_Martian_Led_eyes (1)

AFM_Martian_Led_eyes (3)

group therapy

AFM_Martian_Led_eyes (4)

AFM_Martian_Led_eyes (2)

AFM_Martian_Led_eyes (7)

and ready to go..