UWRC PC Engine Shuttle Controller

Juli 30th, 2016

A futuristic styled Controller for the PC-Engine Shuttle. Now its time to make it wireless.

thanks to the PCB of micro and some reposition of the led usb powersupply it works great.

I put it at the hole of the original wire and with some hotglue it works









PC Engine Duo R/RX RGB Mod with bypass PCE-TV

Juli 27th, 2016

Nothing really new, only to see how to add THS Amplifier working in a Duo R / RX.

I used Pin 44 of HU C6260 C-Sync for Sync. So you have to cut the Video Signal to the Din Connector (yellow wire).

Black wire is optional, for “more” GND



For the Din Pinout I used the old French Layout born in the 90ths. With RGB added to the 3 new Pins of the Din 8.1. The rest of Pins are untouched (exeption C-Sync)

3 resistors 22 Ohm are used for make PCE-TV work to output around 0,7V. The PCB is the 1st Revision of micro. Power is taken from a Elko nearby. (orange/black=GND, orange/red=5V)





Scart Pinout


Jailbars removement

After checking the picture there are jailbars :-(

After replacement of two  capacitor the picture is great.

replace C909 and C923 with 4,7uf down under Hu C6260




You final reward will be 1000 Points :-)

Wireless Rules

thanks micro


UWRC vs remote control yesterday

Juli 25th, 2016

here you can see the grandpa of remote control ;-)

a little comparsion between yesterdays remote and state of the art :-)))

uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (7)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (6)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (5)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (4)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (3)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (2)uwrc_yesterday_vs_today (1)

UWRC wire Colors

Juli 21st, 2016


9 GND GND     19 GND GND  
8 B Button 2     18 R2 Button 10  
7 A Button 1     17 R1 Button 9  
6 ST Start     16 L2 Button 8  
5 SL Select     15 L1 Button 7  
4 RT Right     14 Z Button 6  
3 LT Left     13 Y Button 5  
2 DN Down     12 X Button 4  
1 UP Up     11 C Button 3  
0 GND GND     10 GND GND  
3 blue  GND  
2 green  5V  
1 yellow   Led



Marked R used for different current while loading LiPo



400mAh Lipo (Standard) ->100mA  R=10k

250mAh Lipo  ->050mA  R=20k

3000mAh Lipo ->200mA  R=5k


Voltage Regulator used: 2,3V Maximum Voltage: 5,5V


UWRC PC-Engine Cordless Controller

Juli 21st, 2016

I done some ironical way of UWRC ;-)
Here i am using 3 of the 4 Batteries for powersupply of the UWRC, because of the max. voltage of 5,5V of the UWRC Board.

IMG_8597 IMG_8599 IMG_8602 IMG_8604 IMG_8610 IMG_8609 IMG_8608 IMG_8607

UWRC NES japanese Famicom Controller

Juli 21st, 2016

For make it fit into a japanese Famicom Pad you have to cut the PCB at the edges and re add the cutted circuit board.

IMG_8077 IMG_8085 IMG_8098 IMG_8094 IMG_8087 IMG_8091 IMG_8104 IMG_8101


UWRC NeoGeo Board

Juli 21st, 2016

I sacrifice my NeoGeo Board to make it wireless with uwrc. thanks to micro again.

Here I used my Led modded NeoGeo Controller and put all together. Because of the Leds and more need of current. I used a bigger LiPo. The future will tell how long it works.


Case Modding for the USB connector and LED

IMG_8012 IMG_8017 IMG_8018 IMG_8023 IMG_8027


IMG_8022 IMG_8020

LiPo Part (you have to change the current load part of UWRC PCB to make it work with a bigger LiPo)

IMG_8058 IMG_8061

Some Pics

IMG_8115 IMG_8111 IMG_8126 IMG_8023

IMG_8031 IMG_8123

UWRC Competition Pro

Juli 21st, 2016

I used a Competition Pro USB (bad USB lag) and changed it into a UWRC Controller.

It uses Button, A,B,Select,Start (on the triangle Buttons). With the small black switch you can select the triangle Buttons between Select,Start and Button X,Y.

IMG_7989 IMG_7991 IMG_7996 IMG_8035 IMG_8032


UWRC Competition Pro Mini

Juli 21st, 2016

I bought some Competition Pro Mini and most of them have brocken microswitches :-(

I found some replacements here:


It was very tricky to add the Universal TX PCB in this tiny stick but after all it looks great :-)
After removing original parts I add a Led and two more micro switches for Select and Start.

The chrome switch to swap between Layout Select/Start and Button X, Button Y

I must move the electronic of the LiPo to put it between the two fire Buttons

IMG_8039 IMG_8038

uwrc_tx_1 mini_1 IMG_8537 IMG_8541 (Large) IMG_8550 IMG_8547 IMG_8559 (Large) IMG_8566

IMG_8534 IMG_8544

UWRC Rules

Juli 21st, 2016

I done some UWRC Controller in the past.

Look here for my current Collection. It rules, because its great to have wireless original Controller in you hands and its crosscompatible. You can play eg. with the NeoGeo Controller @ NeoGeo Console, or @ Sega Mega Drive, or @ Super Nintendo, or @ Sega Saturn.

Other way is possible too. You can play with a Sega Saturn Controller @ NeoGeo Console, or @ Sega Mega Drive, or @ Super Nintendo, or @ Sega Saturn.

And you are free with controller and console

uwrc_collection (Large)