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8Bitdo SFC30 Gamepad optimized

Dienstag, Juni 30th, 2015

Recently I got some Pads from

If you want to buy some Look here

Great bluetooth Pads working on tablets, iphone, ipad, android phone/tablets, Windows, MAC, Nintendo Wii, Retrocon…

The SFC30 is looking like a SNES Controller and reached it around 80-90%. But I want it 100%

So I put the PCB of a SFC30 into a original SNES Controller. You need only some drilling and its a fast job.

Look here for some pictures during the process

sfc30_to_snes (2)

sfc30_to_snes (3)

sfc30_to_snes (5)

sfc30_to_snes (8)

sfc30_to_snes (9)

sfc30_to_snes (1)

sfc30_to_snes (12)

UWRC Controller Hacks/Mods

Donnerstag, April 23rd, 2015

Some month ago I got a lot of uwrc from micro look here:

uwrc (12)

I got some snes, saturn, smd, parts.

uwrc (11)

and a broken saturn pcb for hacking an old atari 2600 stick (one of my favorite console)

uwrc (1)

uwrc (4)

uwrc (8)

I put some micro switches downunder for start button and 2nd button

uwrc (9)

after some time I got my first hacked wirless Atari CX-40 Stick and it looks much better as the atari original


With the help of SegaMegaDrive Receiver all Kind of Controller works with eg:

Sega Master, Sega Mega Drive, Sega MultiMega, Atari 800, Atari 800XE, Atari 800XL  Atari 2600, Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore C64  :-)



uwrc (7)


uwrc (2)


I used a Retro-Adapter and a SNES Receiver from micro, to make the UWRC work with usb for PC Emulator using.

uwrc (3)

Now I can use all kind of controller at the original Consoles and PC

I am currently have Controllers:

4x UWRC Saturn Controllers

1x UWRC SNES  Controller (micro I need more, please make a new batch of pcbs)

1x UWRC Atari CX-40 Controller


some Saturn Receiver

uwrc (5)

2x Neo Geo Receiver

uwrc (10)

Snes Receiver

uwrc (11)

After all, gaming wireless is the best thing happens to my old consoles since years

thanks to micro to make this possible

SNES prof. Cleaning and retrobrightner

Dienstag, April 21st, 2015

look here for a snes looking not good





After some cleaning and 1-2 weeks in sun and a retrobright lotion it looks really nice again






Wii Harddisc Case

Donnerstag, Juli 28th, 2011

I am in search for a nice Harddisc Case in white, but I didn’t find any nice looking case…

After this I decided to put a 3,5Zoll Sata Harddisc into a broken Wii.
I am planing to use the original Power Supply and the original USB Connectors.
wii_hd_case_final (Custom)

I opened the wii and removed all until you only have the main PCB inside

I removed to parts (red marked) to disable the USB Wires into the mainboard and connected the USB Cables from the USB/Sata Connector to the onbaord USB Port

wii_hd_case_usb_wires (Custom)

The power is taken from the Top Site of the mainbaord. Here I have to remove the original Fuse (red marked) to avoid getting any voltage to the mainboard.

You can get 12V to power up harddisc from the right site of the fuse.

GND is found at the edge of the mainboard.

I placed a standard 7805 voltage regulator to get the 5V for the Harddisc

wii_hd_case_fuse_remove (Custom)

Here you can see original case of the used USB/Sata Connector

wii_hd_case_USB_Adapter (Custom)

all together

wii_hd_case_complete (Custom)

I extended the power Led of the USB/Sata Adapter to the original power LED of the wii

wii_hd_case_Power_Led (Custom)

And here you can see the final backsite with connectors

wii_hd_case_back (Custom)

Volume Control for WPC 95 Pins

Freitag, Juni 24th, 2011

For changing the Volume of a pinball you always have to open the coindoor.
And mostly you have the key in the coindoor.
I find a solution to move the switches outsite of the coindoor.
So you can remove the key and it looks better.
I connected the volume + and volume – parallel to the switches inside of the coindoor.
But they don’t work without opening the door.
So I have to put a “coin-open” switch outsite too. Its the green one.
To change the volume you have to press the green once and then you can change the volume via the two red and black switches as usual.

Here the first pics





you have only to replace the original red plastic with two screws



remove the lamp


put in the new one with the wires


connect the three crocodiles to the inside switches


here you can see the replaced coindoor plastic with the new one


Treasure Chest LED Mod for Tales of the Arabian Night

Freitag, Juni 24th, 2011

Here you can see my little treasure Project. It will be realized in a pin like Tales of Arabian Night.

I have put some RGB changing Leds into the chest and some holes into the treasure area.

And I have put some glasfibre into the holes to make the effect more viewable…

Look here some pics and a video






Magic Rabbit Set for Theatre of Magic Pinball

Sonntag, Februar 20th, 2011

After the candlelight mod for the Magic Trunk it seems to insert some new pets into Theatre of Magic Pinball. As there a many rabbits on the playfield I decide to take two and make replaces the eyes with 3mm power Leds in red, because there are dangerous rabbits on the playfield.
This time it was tricky to make the holes for it because this rabbit is tiny around 5cm long.

I done the holes like a Y 3mm for the eyes and from the back to the head around 3-5mm

It works good if you use a 1,5mm at the eyes to get a fix for the bigger hole


eyes replaced


final position of the leds


first dangerous look






So up some plastics to connect the Rabbits to the slingshots.

For this I have used clear plastics and put them over the originals to prevent damage and to make the mod removeable without a trace







handmade R2D2 USB Stick

Dienstag, Januar 18th, 2011

some times ago I orderd a LEGO R2D2 keychain and found a little usb-stick fits into the r2d2.

Its a Lacie moskeyto USB-Flash Drive 8GB.

First I done some dremel work at the r2d2 and removed to original cover of the usb-stick.

Some hot glue and ready to go.

d2d2 (1)

d2d2 (2)

d2d2 (5)

d2d2 (6)

d2d2 (7)

d2d2 (8)


Mittwoch, Dezember 29th, 2010

a few weeks ago I saw the one year old project of a clock with leds.

I done two for me one, with a black plexi and one with stainless steel.

After a lot of soldering and some woodwork…

wordclock (3)


wordclock (1)

wordclock (2)

wordclock (4)

wordclock (5)

Archer LED Mod for MM

Samstag, November 20th, 2010

The next step after making the replacement of the Archer in MM was to replace the the arrowhead of the archer.
Some cutting, some drilling and wires


making a 5mm LED look like a arrowhead ;-)


color it red (at the next I will try some silver color…)


a hole for the wires through the plastics


place the archer to the right position


the right one


with light up red


both together


I done some little modifications on the archer.

The first version of the arrowhead was red, now I used some silver paint.

Look here:



Here you can find a installation Manual